Pajé is an interactive and scalable trace-based visualization tool which can be used for a large variety of visualizations including performance monitoring of parallel applications, monitoring the execution of processors in a large scale PC cluster or representing the behavior of distributed applications.

Users of Pajé can tailor the visualization to their needs, without having to know any insight nor to modify any component of Pajé. This can be done by defining the type hierarchy of objects to be visualized as well as how these objects should be visualized. This feature allows the use of Pajé for a wide variety of trace visualizations.


Pajé has two visualization techniques available: the Space/Time View and the Statistical View; and a number of filters to control the visualization: Entity Type, Container, Aggregation, Reduction, Order and Field filters.

Pajé is free software, released under the GNU Lesser General Public License. You are welcome to contribute to its development. The tool is hosted at SourceForge.

Download Pajé:

The latest release is Paje-1.98. You can download it here.

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